J A I  M I C H A E L S

p    h    o    t    o    g    r    a    p    h    y

Jai Michaels is a professional photographer from Pittsburgh, PA. His photography focuses on working with aspiring models nationally. He primarily shoot fashion & print to create his unique vision. An eye for composition and a passion for natural light, Jai Michaels strives to capture beautiful images within his lens.

His passion for photography began in high school with the yearbook & newspaper staff. This turned into a commitment to the medium and to learn the skills to create such beauty every time he picks up his camera. His work has appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier, AJC, and Truflava Magazine.

Jai Michaels has a studio in Alpharetta, GA. and Downtown Pittsburgh. He is currently working to open a studio in Los Angeles, CA. and is looking to have it open in 2014.

Jai Michaels Photography mainly looking to work with aspiring new talent . All his test shoots are free of charge. His willingness to work with models just starting out, is an testament to his passion for the art.

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